Create a hazy vintage summer effect in Photoshop

Create a vintage hazy summer effect in Photoshop

Learn how to create a hazy vintage effect in Photoshop. This simple technique is perfect for portraits because it adds a subtle haze and gentle warmth to your images that makes any image look like it was taken on a summer’s day.

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Cross-Processed Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Cross-Processed Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Cross-Processed is a series of 15 Photoshop Actions designed to apply a variety of cross-processing looks to your images. Cross-processing was where you developed color print film in transparency chemicals and vice-versa. These color effects can be applied individually or stacked for more unique results. Give your photography a retro finish with this film inspired set of Actions.

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Light Leaks Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Light Leaks Photoshop Actions

Enjoy 25 film inspired light leak Photoshop Actions to give your photos the ultimate vintage look. Effects can be stacked to create unique results, and five haze Actions can be used to produce a realistic washed out look that’s characteristic of genuine light leaks on film.

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Soft Pastels Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Soft Pastels Photoshop Actions

Give your photos a soft vintage pastel color effect with this series of 20 unique Photoshop Actions. The pastel colors include purple, violet, blue, sky blue, green, mint, yellow, gold, bronze, cream, peach, pink, red, natural and muted. There are also five haze and matte effects to take extra control over the final look and feel of your images. These actions will give any image a stunning retro look and feel.

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