Add copyright info and keywords to EXIF data

How to add copyright and contact information to your images

Protect your images online by adding copyright and contact information to the EXIF data. It obviously won’t stop people from using your images without permission, but it will provide all the information needed to contact you. Adding keywords will help to make your shots show up in search engine results.

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Create custom Photoshop brushes

Custom film rebate brushes in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to create custom Photoshop brushes using any image to make the brush. But more specifically, how to create a brush from an image of an old Polaroid film rebate. This can then be added to the edges of any photo at the touch of a button, and the result looks just as good as the real thing.

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Wet plate collodion in Photoshop

Wet plate collodion effect in Photoshop tutorial

The wet plate collodion process is becoming increasingly popular as photographers search for more unique, and equally eye-catching ways of taking photos. This almost abandoned technique was once the most advanced photographic process available, but was overtaken by dry plates, celluloid film and more recently digital photography. The effect is highly sought after because of the amazing quality of detail it adds to portraits. Here’s how you can apply the wet plate collodion effect to any portrait in Photoshop.

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Create a hazy vintage summer effect in Photoshop

Create a vintage hazy summer effect in Photoshop

Learn how to create a hazy vintage effect in Photoshop. This simple technique is perfect for portraits because it adds a subtle haze and gentle warmth to your images that makes any image look like it was taken on a summer’s day.

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