Frequently Asked Questions

What are Photoshop actions?
A Photoshop Action is a recorded sequence of steps that can be played at the click of a button to apply a wide range of effects to photos almost instantaneously. They allow you to apply professional effects to your images, and save huge amounts of time be eliminating the need for going through all the steps yourself for every image. Actions are used by amateur and professional photographers, designers and anyone who wants to apply great effects to their photos in an instant.

What are lightroom Presets?
Lightroom Presets are a set of Lightroom adjustments that can be applied to images simply by clicking on the Preset on the Presets panel in Lightroom. This means you can apply a range of professional effects to your shots instantly. Presets are used by amateur and professional photographers, designers and anyone who wants to apply great effects to their images in an instant.

How do I unzip the downloaded file to retrieve my Actions or Presets?
Double click on the Zip file that you downloaded. The archive will open showing a folder with a similar name inside. Drag this folder to your Desktop, and backup to an external hard drive, USB pen or burn to a CD. Macs should be able to open ZIP files without the need for additional software.

How do I install Photoshop Actions?
Installing Photoshop actions is really simple, and usually requires you to simply double click the .atn file that you received to load them into Photoshop automatically. For a tutorial about how to install Actions click here.

How do I install Lightroom Presets?
Installing Lightroom Presets is a little more involved than Photoshop Actions, but it’s still a really simple process. For a full tutorial click here.

Are the FilterEfex Actions & Presets compatible with Mac & PC?
All FilterEfex Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets are fully compatible with Mac & PC.

Can I use FilterEfex Actions & Presets on images for commercial use?
FilterEfex Actions and Presets can be used to enhance images for both personal and commercial use. Images used for commercial use must be flattened. FilterEfex Actions and Presets may not be repackaged for sale or to make new Actions or Presets. For more information about our licensing terms click here.

How many computers can I install FilterEfex Actions and Presents?
You can install FilterEfex Actions and Presets on up to two of your computers. For additional installations you will need to purchase another license.

Can I share The Actions and Presets I’ve purchased online, or with a friend or relative?
FilterEfex Actions and Presets are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Sharing our effects constitutes a breach of copyright, and is strictly forbidden.

What happens if I lose my Actions or Presets?
After downloading your Actions or Presets please save a back up copy, as you do with your photos, to an external hard drive, USB stick or burn to CD. At present, we unfortunately do not have the ability to check purchases and resend lost Actions or Presets to customers.