Movie Tones Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Movie Tones Photoshop Actions

Apply movie style color grading effects to your photos with this comprehensive set of color effects. Taking inspiration from movie color grading and vintage effects, the combination produces color styles you can apply to any type of photography.

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FilterEfex Color Collection

FilterEfex Color Collection Photoshop Actions

Save over 50% off some of our most popular Photoshop Actions with the FilterEfex Color Collection. This bundle includes our Made to Fade, Soft Pastels, Light Leaks and Cross-processed Actions series. Enjoy 75 premium Photoshop Actions to apply amazing color and desaturation effects to your images. Follow the links below to find out more about what’s included…

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FilterEfex Sampler Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Sampler free Photoshop Actions

The FilterEfex Sampler is the perfect way to check out a selection of our Photoshop Actions from six of our collections. Enjoy 12 Actions in total from Made to Fade, Soft Pastels, Light Leaks, Autochrome Lumiere, Black & White and Cross-Processed. All the full versions of the Actions collections, and the FilterEfex Color Collection mentioned below, are available in our store. Sign up to our newsletter and get the FilterEfex Sampler for FREE. To sign up click here.

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Black & White Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Black & White Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Black & White Photoshop Actions is made up of 30 Actions. They provide 20 stylish black & white effects, and 10 toning styles to add a burst of subtle color to your mono images. These Actions are ideal for all types of photography, from portraits to landscapes and everything between thanks to providing a wide range of stylish black & white styles.

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Made to Fade Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Made to Fade Photoshop Actions

Give your photos a stylish desaturated look with this amazing series of Photoshop Actions. Reduce colour using a variety of different styles to add drama and mood to any photo. The set includes 15 desaturation effects and five one-click effects to enhance detail.

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Cross-Processed Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Cross-Processed Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Cross-Processed is a series of 15 Photoshop Actions designed to apply a variety of cross-processing looks to your images. Cross-processing was where you developed color print film in transparency chemicals and vice-versa. These color effects can be applied individually or stacked for more unique results. Give your photography a retro finish with this film inspired set of Actions.

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Light Leaks Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Light Leaks Photoshop Actions

Enjoy 25 film inspired light leak Photoshop Actions to give your photos the ultimate vintage look. Effects can be stacked to create unique results, and five haze Actions can be used to produce a realistic washed out look that’s characteristic of genuine light leaks on film.

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Lightbursts Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Lightbursts Photoshop Actions

Give your photos a blast of bright sunlight, whatever the weather, with this premium series of Lightburst Photoshop Actions. There are six Actions to create a burst of sunlight in the top left, middle and right of your photo. With and without flare. Then there are four colour effects to warm up your shots to mimic light at different times of the day.

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Painting & Sketch Photoshop Actions

FilterEfex Paint & Sketch Photoshop Actions

Make your photos look like paintings / illustrations and sketches with these two amazing Photoshop Actions. Take a look at the examples to see how they work with different types of images. You can apply the effects to any size images.

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